Sunday, March 17, 2013


What the heck am I doing posting on Blogger.  Is it the 80s?  It's stupid.

Meet me at Wordpress.  But give me a sec to get up to speed.


Depicting a bizarre cryptomorphs cannibal fiend combining a human head and legs with animal horns and paws.


Production notes:

When I was working at Paramount Pictures, I lived across the street in a gangster neighborhood.  The street was called Barton.  It makes me wonder if the movie Barton Fink was named after this street the way Cloverfield was named after Cloverfield Blvd.  

When I moved in I didn't realize it was a gangster neighborhood.  It seemed like all kids dressed like gangsters at the time.  But when the Mexican mafia decided to take over the local narcotics traffic there were a lot of drive by shootings for a while.

Anyhow what were all the LA gangsters listening to?  Metal and Reggaeton (that Gasolina beat was popular at the time).  I always thought that some one should mix metal and Reggaeton but I hadn't heard anyone do it.  

(Sorry, I love this stuff - it's horrible right?)

In my last post I talked about a random electronic rock project I was considering for a minute (before I realized it wasnt a good match for my style, and didn't fit my schedule).  One of the tracks I demo'd for that project was this Reggaeton Metal track.  

For the drums I used a Gabber pallet with nice heavy drums and layered in some double bass speed metal drums (one of my fave styles in metal).  I did my best on rhythm guitar and etc.   


Recommended dance steps:

Saturday, March 16, 2013



Production notes:

One of my business peeps asked if I wanted to participate in a music library and asked for a few demo tracks based on the idea of electronic rock.  What he really meant by electronic rock was Crystal Method.

Here is an example of good big beat.  Just to prove it exists.  There was a time in the early 90s when hip hop was operating at big big tempo.  That's what inspired those mid 90's alternative electronic producers.

Anyhow, the Big Beat trend was like 15 years before this guy asked for electronic rock  music.  So it didn't occur to me that he wanted that style.  Instead, I delivered a mix of my fav beats and my fav styles of rock =  in this case - Psych Garage Rock and Surf Rock styles with Bacchanal Soca.  Needless to say, MALIBU SUNSET SOCA was not a good match for big beat.  Whatever...   I stand by my work.  Soca and Garage Rock are an awesome mix.

I've been a  big fan of Soca for a long time.  I don't really vibe with the super happy party vibe but the Carnival party dance games are insane.  Butt battles and stuff like that.  My fav Soca is Chutney Soca, which  is a mix of Indian pop music and Soca.

I've heard some acoustic Latin Jazz Soca which is also killer.  Some Meringue styles like Urbano Violento and some early Bachata styles also work with Soca type Rhythms.  There is a faster style of Soca, I'm not sure of it's exact name.  My best understanding is that it's Bacchanal but maybe some one can correct me?

These days my fav rock is classic Garage Punk, world Psych Punk from Turkey, Brasil and Africa, Chicha and stuff like that.

Recommended dance steps:

I can't find clips of the really good Soca dance games, but I recommend Soca styles to anyone that likes uptempo dance.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Free Download 4U2NJoi: Ravens and Roses fait l'amore - Remix by Prince Charming (Raw - Unreleased)


Production notes:

Adam is a cool dude.  He rocks a mean live show.  And Mia Theodoratus his harp player is awesome!

I was crazy geeked that he thought to include me on his remix project.  After beat matching a dozen styles I found that an Italo Disco groove worked best (who would have guessed?).   If anyone is familiar with my Summer in Paradise release, they know I was raised on that New Romantic shizzle and I still love that stuff.

Earlier that year I was helping a friend record an album for DFA as part of the NYC New Disco scene, and I was amazed that he was not using MIDI (quantized sequences) at all.  He was using Pro Tools like a tape recorder and his beat sounded like a live jam.  The results reminded me of Krautrock or the Talking Heads.  Very cool.  I tried to capture some of that live jam vibe on this mix.  There is also a bit of a Detroit techno influence, and a hint of Cumbia in the shuffle.

A quick note about the slap bass.  I started playing slap bass after seeing Shriekback live in Ann Arbor Michigan.  They were a new wave funk band formed by ex members of Gang Of Four.  The show was super high energy.  It seemed like the band was in the air half of the time.  The music had an awesome new age gothic occult vibe that was really unique.  They were super smart and funny.  I couldn't help but be influenced.  I just wanted to clarify that I respect Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and that guy from Primus, and even the Block Rocking Beats of the Chemical Brothers - But those dudes didn't really impress my bass playing.  It was Shriekback.

Recommended dance steps:

Saturday, March 3, 2012




Production notes:

A few years ago. I was listening to some Jerkin music. I laced the drums with double time speed metal, added some bump and grind, and there you go: a nice pop track: Frolic and mayhem.
Recommended dance steps:

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Free Download 4U2NJoi: GOWER GULCH (Raw Unreleased)

PRINCE CHARMING - GOWER GULCH (Raw Unreleased) by Prince Charming1

Often, a gunfight was spur-of-the-moment, with PRINCE CHARMING drawing his death-ray-pistol, and the victim reacting. Often it would develop into a shootout where both men bolted and hid in nearby storm sewers. Other times, PRINCE CHARMING and his victim were both drunk and missed several normally easy shots. Many times the shootout was little more than PRINCE CHARMING taking advantage of the victim looking away at an opportune moment.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Free Download 4U2NJoy - The Golden Tractate of Camazotz (RAW UNRELEASED)

Prince Charming - The Golden Tractate of Camazotz (RAW UNRELEASED) by Prince Charming1

3 Camazotz, washed in the fermented sap of the maguey plant but neither skinned nor eviscerated,


1 tb Finely sliced fresh ginger,

1 lg Onion, quartered,

Sea salt to taste, Chopped scallions, Soy sauce and/or coconut cream.

1. Place the bat-like monsters in a large kettle and add water to cover, the ginger, onion, and salt. Take of the humidity, or moisture, an ounce and a half, and or the Southern redness, which is the soul of gold, a fourth part, that is to say, half-an-ounce of the citrine Seyre, in like manner, half-an-ounce of the Auripigment, half-an-ounce, which are eight; that is three ounces.

Bring to the boil and cook for 40 minutes. Take the death bats, skin them and discard the skin. Remove meat from the bones and return meat, and any of the viscera you fancy, to the broth. Strain broth into a second kettle. The fatness of our earth is sulphur, the auripigment sirety, and colcothar, which are also sulphur, of which auripigments, sulphur, and such like, some are more vile than others, in which there is a diversity, of which kind also) is the fat of gluey matters, such as are hair, nails, hoofs, and sulphur itself, and of the brain, which too is auripigment.

2. Heat the vapour from the water, and the blackness from the oily tincture.

3. Serve liberally sprinkled with scallions and further seasoned with soy sauce and/or coconut cream.

Yield: 4 servings.


Production Notes:

Grind core influenced post dubstep with cinematic sound design illbient Funk/Latin/African/Reggae and etc

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Free Download 4U2nJoy: PRINCE CHARMING - L'Embarras Des Richesses Pt.1-4 (RAW MIXES - UNRELEASED)

PRINCE CHARMING - L'Embarras Des Richesses Pt1 (RAW MIX - UNRELEASED) by Prince Charming1

PRINCE CHARMING - L'Embarras Des Richesses Pt2 (RAW MIX - UNRELEASED) by Prince Charming1

PRINCE CHARMING - L'Embarras Des Richesses Pt3 (RAW MIX - UNRELEASED) by Prince Charming1

PRINCE CHARMING - L'Embarras Des Richesses Pt4 (RAW MIX - UNRELEASED) by Prince Charming1

Prince Charming is referred to as the "Father of Amoeba Saucercraft Aeronautics" in part for his theoretical design of a bat-winged Vacuum saucercraft. He presented an historic paper to the Neoplatonic Dissenting Academy: "Mémoire sur machines aérostatiques amibe sexii" (Memorandum on sexi aerostatic amoeba machines). The 160 water-colour drawings published the following year described the obliteration of entire fleets and cities by “amoeba” airship attack (260-foot-long (79 m) amoeba envelope with internal ballonnets filled with denuded humming birds and sexi pterodactyls body guards dressed in leather). The airship was designed to be propelled in the air by whirling dervishes attaches to three airscrew propellers and steered with a funky sail-like aft rudder. Later that afternoon Prince Charming surprised a tribe of hotty cats by crossing the Pacific Ocean in a amoeba balloon equipped with giant flapping bat-wings for propulsion, and a peacock-like tail for steerage. The trip ended poorly when Prince Charming was sentenced to seven years in a Calcutta court after a duel in Bombay with a drunk Navy Surgeon. After a hair raising get-away riding on the back of a mole-man (a double agent working for the Belarusso transportation Tsar) Prince Charming continued his exploration of vacuum transportation, launching his Novelty Air Ship Company and built three bat-winged amoeba saucer craft powered by controlled nitroglycerine explosions, the last of which caught fire in flight landed in a sanctuary of rare and endangered kittens – the number of casualties is unknown, but Prince Charming’s passion for flying continued unabated until his mysterious disappearance described in Fantastic Voyages IV. To this day many inventors are inspired by Prince Charming’s eccentric designs and a veritable amoeba airship craze has radiated worldwide.

Production Notes

Retro booty psyche rock (Detroit Acid Rap) and exotic Sampledelia.

Recommended dance steps.

To some electro is a texture - or maybe something associated with Kraftwerk. To me, Electro is also a type of funk and hip hop - something I associate with Jit dancing, Roller Boogie and booty bass.

I started playing bass in a ska band so my bass playing and grooves have a reggae, and world (south african jive etc) influence.

Monday, September 26, 2011



Hollywood, CA. -- A dog-sitter's shortcut led to criminal charges for a Demonomaniac Warlord who ran a Hyena(A beast that eats human corpses and changes sex) alongside his alien craft at 30 to 35 mph.

The Daily Peephole reports that Prince Charming of Hollywood faces animal cruelty and felony menacing charges after witnesses confronted him Friday morning for running the pup alongside his "Amoeba Saucercraft."

The newspaper reports that Prince Charming told officers the hyena, named Sir Snufflepuppy, "goes ballistic" if it doesn't walk 30 miles a day.

Witnesses called police after seeing the leashed hyena struggling to keep up with the craft. Prince Charming reportedly said the hyena was fine.

Prince Charming is free on bond. Sir Snufflepuppy was uninjured and was taken to a local health salon.

(Production notes)
As I've described on earlier blogs, I ran through Dubstep territories in the late 90s by mixing Detroit Techno and experimental dub, and then again in the early 2000s by mixing UKG Grime and Dub.

By the mid 2000s I thought Dubstep was dead, and moved on - but I just looked at Soundscloud and discovered that it's more popular than ever. Go figure. ANyhow, my version of post-dubstep is going to be waay dif than other post dubstep producers because I've been through so many styles and trends already. Not many producers that mixed hip hop and techno with post punk in the mid 80s are working today.

MOLDAVITE BESEDNICE is from the mid 2000s. It's based around a reggaeton style that was popular at the time. It was recorded as part of the Lapiz Lazuli session but didnt come to perfection until after the master was sent to the label. You can hear similar textures that I was playing with at the time, like the scientific recordings of earthquakes and upper atmospheric radiation in the mix. There's a post-dubstep latin influenced reggae sublow bass. There's some dubbed out samples from 100 year old 78s and melodies from Hungarian gypsies. I was getting back into mixing in post-punk instrument playing and adding some morricone style melodies - a style popular with ska and hip hop heads.

Perhaps it's my background in ska music but Ive always appreciated latin styles mixed with my funk. So many post dubstep producers jock funky house, and not enough extend the dub influence into dancehall, reggateon (salsaton, cumbiaton, merengeton etc)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Who is PRINCE CHARMING? (classic web texte)


Known to his frisky frenchy fans forbidden female fantasies as the tall sexy swaggering supremely cerebral style-setting talented insightful interesting all-pervasive personality who has sent them rocketing through delirious dreamy skies like a tempest of love and total thrills soaring in the upper stratosphere, this well bred, well-dressed, well-manicured, well-educated, well-mannered, kind -hearted, humorous, romantic, spontaneous, brilliant, tender, masculine, athletic, poetic, immediately recognizable international superstar is simply number one heart and soul all the way till the break of day.

PRINCE CHARMING will no longer answer questions regarding his counciling service for run-away debutantes or the destructive influence of his "mind-control wolf-language" on the morals of countless sweet little over ripe native models, spontaneous pagan goddesses, blue eyed honkey tonk temptresses, beautiful busty house wives, buxom hair stylers, and well proportioned teen age love-toys.

The star of over 100 amateur adult videos PRINCE CHARMING continues to deny rumors that he is banned in numerous planetariums for public masturbation, indecency, knife fights, and etc.

PRINCE CHARMING simply radiates sensual pleasure power, his musical erotic poetry performances are no less than mesmerizing magnetic emotional motion passion and joy. Just ask his fans who number in the millions, and millions, and millions, oozing sex in sequined peek-a-boo costumes seeking sin. At any Prince Charming performance you will feast your peepers on 1000s of beautifully dressed teary-eyed fully developed hot horny femme fatales desperately waiting in long kinky exhibitionistic lines to get into the show and, once inside waiting in worship, with baited breath for their delightfully different golden love idol to appear on stage and rock the house down doing what comes natural with psycho-motor pandemonium above classification.

Every one should know that despite an addiction to the bourgeois lifestyle of raw violence, vintage sports cars, exotic food, seducible women, spacious estates, influential affairs in social club Shangra-La-s, hob-nobbing with social luminaries in lavish furnished apartments, chauffeur driven Cadillacs, clandestine streetlight rendez-vous, penthouse petting parties, and an expanding galaxy of private deals and pedigree personalities, speeding yachts, fabulous week-end globe trotting, dreamy boulevards of impetuous liberation, free-living, free-lust, peaches and cream, privacy and secrecy, PRINCE CHARMING can still effortlessly seize complete control of a backyard patio, convention hall banquette room, stadium or arena with astonishing courage, demonic endurance, and furious impulse